The Video Feedback Waterbed

An installation for listening to music.

You climb steps onto a long platform. Through a curtain you enter a darkened chamber. The floor is a luminous, transparent waterbed radiant with images. You lie on the bed, look up, and see yourself, for the ceiling is a large mirror. As you move your body you distort the patterns of light in the bed by changing the shape of the body of water, which is in the path of a video feedback loop.

The Video Feedback Waterbed is part of the exhibit
"The Shape of Sound", at the Gallery Exit Art, in New York City.

Come visit and experience floating on light.

September 21 to at least late November, 1996

EXIT ART/The First World 548 Broadway, NYC 10012 212.966.7745
Open Tue-Thur, 10-6, Friday 10-8, Saturday 11-8

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