Visual Art

Here's hoping that the web connects visual artists with a broader audience than elite collectors...

April 6 - through June 8, 1997
the original videofeedback waterbed was reborn as part of my one man show at the
Museet for Samtidskunst (Museum of Contemporary Art), Roskilde, Denmark

Here's a miniature web catalog of the show.

I had a new visual interactive installation in the Summer of '97 at the Anchorage in New York City. It was a version of the Time-accelerated painting, from the Danish show.

Goddess of Creation

Sometimes I doodle during meetings and then colorize the doodles later. This one emerged on my notepad during a roundtable discussion about "creativity".

The Video Feedback Waterbed is an installation for listening to music.

Portrait of the Artist as a Parent

I was teaching for a while at the San Francisco Art Institute during the period of time when every undergraduate student was radically pierced. I came to believe that what piercing was really about was that it was the only thing the kids could do that would shock 60s era parents. I gave them an assignment: What will your kids do to shock you? My proposal was that they would implant microvideo projectors in their zits so that they would be emitting animations onto nearby walls all the time. The students in my class responded with an enthusiastic "cool!", so I guess we still don't know what will be shocking to them. It must be a burden to be unshockable. Anyway, this illustration was intended to show the students what they'd look like, if they stayed pierced into middle age, in their children's eyes.

I make large-scale paintings on a canvas-like material from computer images. This involves a huge "printer" with its own chimney. Some of these works are serious, and are available for collectors.

Optica Dentada

I've drawn and painted pictures of eyes all my life, though rarely on computer. My eyes frequently have fangs for lashes. This has something to do with the VR-informed understanding of sight as a more active process than might have been suggested by the previous metaphor of photography.

I was asked by Brian Eno to design a dress for a benefit in which musician-designed fashion was auctioned to raise money to help children in Bosnia.

Time Magazine asked me to design a cover for their "cyber war" issue. I wanted to focus on suffering instead of technology. I think in truth they would have used one of my designs instead of the gear-centered one they ended up with if I had gotten it together in time. At any rate, here are my cover sketches, given an alternate life in the nether world of the web.

I had a commision from ARTE TV to make a film in 1994. Here's a little essay about Muzork.

Here's a web-based gallery that's selling art by various folks, including me.

An authentic Valentine's Day Web Card

And, alas, here's a painting of me as the Mona Lisa that was commissioned by Wired Magazine. And Stelarc stealing my hair in Poland.

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