Music is my first love and I have been an active composer and performer in the world of new classical music since the late seventies. I play piano, as well as quite a few more unusual instruments.

I have also been exploring Virtual Reality as a source of new musical instruments and live performance techniques.

Here is information about my VR music classic, The Sound of One Hand. And here is the news about my latest adventures with VR as a musical instrument.
Instruments of Change

I've released an acoustic album called "Instruments of Change". I wrote an essay on music, information, and meaning that's interwoven into the track descriptions in the CD's booklet (there are also audio samples here).

If you want to buy a copy of "Instruments of Change", it's on the Point label, which is part of Polygram, and is usually found in the classical section, and occasionally in Jazz (though I've seen it in "new age" which makes me want to puke). Its order number is PNT CD: 442 132-2.

Other records I play on:

I play gu zcheng and contrabass clarinet with Richard Horowitz and Sussan Seyhim on their new record Majoun, on Sony Classics.

I created a piece for naturally tuned saguaro cactus needles for the new Terra Nova record of nature music. The piece is called Cactile.

Terry Riley's "In C" 25th Anniversary Concert, with the members of the Kronos and Rova quartets and other Bay Area musicians. New Albion Records.

With the techno/house group Cypher 7; "Security", Subharmonic Records.

Myth: Dreams of the World, on Dove Audio. I play the God Vulcan (a spoken part!), and play his vulcanic music, on this unusual record about Roman mythology. Other deities on the album are played by Suzanne Vega, Wallace Shawn, Iggy Pop, and George Clinton.

Vernon Reid's new album, Mistaken Identity, is now out. Wild, wild recording sessions produced by the illustrious Teo Macero. I play Ba Wu, Seljefloyte, and Kaba Gaida.

I contributed a track to Ellliot Sharp's massive free speech-testing opus, State of the Union.

Coming soon:

The major current project is a record of my new compositions that will be released on
Sony Classics.

An orchestral piece is in the works for the
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.

For those of you with Macintosh computers and MIDI--please try out my Infinte Opera program.

If you read music, here's a score for a three part canon.

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