Spontaneous Virtual Reality Theater
I'm interested in finding ways to open ears, and the latest experiment is a computer-generated puppet show controlled by the movements of the musicians. Listeners are sometimes more receptive to unusual music when it is presented as a soundtrack to accompany a narrative. In this case, the narrative will accompany the music.

Computer generated puppets will be prompted in their actions by the movements of the musicians who will be wearing a variety of sensors. Some of the puppets will be skeletons based on the Mexican Day of the Dead, some will be loathsome figures in Congress, and so on. While the musicians pull the puppets' virtual strings, the puppets are not entirely passive. When they are brought into contact with one another on the virtual stage, they might spontaneously engage in dance, battle, or copulation. A different narrative will emerge with each performance.

Senator Twoface, with his rear face, Pig Newton, showing.

Twoface puppet by


Mr. and Mrs. FiFi puppets, above, by Ann lasko.

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