Together Mode

As an introduction of sorts, here's a story GQ ran on Jaron on August 24, 2020:
- GQ: "The Conscience of Silicon Valley"

And here are some of Jaron's thoughts on how to get the most from Together mode

Microsoft Teams


USA Today: "Microsoft Teams launches Together mode, places participants in a shared background"

BBC News Video, including an interview with Jaron: "How trickery makes video calls more personal"

Bloomberg: "Microsoft Introduces Virtual ‘Theater’ Seating to Help Relieve Video Meeting Fatigue"

Business Insider: "Microsoft Teams’ new features to use AI and its smart assistant in video conferencing show it’s no longer just playing catch up with Zoom"

CNET: "Microsoft's new Together mode in Teams puts your video chat in a shared virtual space"

Cheddar TV: "Microsoft Teams Rolls Out Virtual Rooms to Fight 'Meeting Fatigue"

Digital Trends: "Online learning can’t replace classrooms. Microsoft Teams wants to change that"

Fast Company: "Microsoft’s new virtual auditoriums look silly—but fight Zoom fatigue"

Protocol: "Microsoft reinvents the video chat grid because virtual meetings are exhausting"

Tech Crunch: "Microsoft makes Teams video meetings less tiring with its new Together mode"

Venture Beat: "Microsoft Teams is getting AI-powered features Together Mode, Dynamic View, suggested replies, and Cortana"

The Verge: "Microsoft Teams’ new Together Mode is designed for pandemic-era meetings"

01net (French): "Teams promises to make videoconferencing more natural with its 'Together Mode'"

BDM (French): "New Microsoft Teams: Together Mode, more dynamic views and live feedback for video conference"

Computer World: "Microsoft Teams' new 'Together mode' aims to make video calls more engaging"

MIT Technology Review: "Microsoft’s solution to Zoom fatigue is to trick your brain"

Digital Trends (Spanish): "Microsoft Teams Introduces New Features for Remote Work"

Agencia EFE (Spanish): "Microsoft launches a mode for video conferencing that simulates the physical classroom"

IT World Canada: "Upcoming features in Microsoft Teams help make meetings ‘less weird’"

PC Watch (Japanese): "Large-scale update to Microsoft Teams such as automatic minutes creation function"

Sina (Chinese): "Zoom should be careful: Microsoft starts to force the video conferencing market"

X Tech (Japanese): "MS to make video conference Teams a virtual auditorium, easy to understand participants"

Business Insider: "Microsoft's Together mode can help address executives' concerns over remote work productivity"

Steve LeVine on Medium: "How Remote Work Could Destroy Silicon Valley"

CNET: "Forget Zoom backgrounds. Microsoft Teams will put you in the same space as your coworkers"

Australian Financial Review: "Microsoft takes lockdown meetings to next level"

Forbes: "Three Cures For Virtual Meeting Fatigue, According to New Microsoft Research"

In popular culture:

Esquire: "An Unexpected Highlight of the NBA Return Is the Big, Dumb Virtual Fan Video Board"

UPROXX: "Ben Schwartz Submitted His Audition To Be An NBA Virtual Fan In Orlando"

Sports Illustrated: "Ben Simmons Wants NBA to Make Sure Virtual 76ers Fans Boo the Team When Struggling"

Variety: "Empty Seats at NBA Games Get Replaced By Big Screens, Virtual Fans, and a Pitch From Michelob"

AdAge: "How Microsoft and Michelob Ultra Brought NBA Fans ‘Courtside’ in the Orlando Bubble"

AdWeek: "NBA Finds Ways to Get Fans (Virtually) Courtside With Microsoft and Michelob Ultra"

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